Alese & Morton Pechter / PECHTER PHOTO | About
Alese & Morton Pechter are active professional photographers, writers, SCUBA divers and lecturers .... photographing and writing about the world's top tennis professionals, searching for sunken archeological treasures, photographing the magnificent reefs, searching for lost treasure or investigating the deep ocean; flying in hot-air balloons, chronicling the exciting happenings on cruise ships, at Disney or traveling the continent for interesting stories. Their children's book, What's In The Deep? has received public and critical acclaim and has been chosen a Reading Rainbow selection.

They have been elected Fellow National members of the prestigious Explorers Club, are members of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), the National Association of Press Photographers (NAPP) and the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA).. Among their many awards, Alese & Morton Pechter have been honored by the United Nations Environment Programme, recognized by the US Navy as Honorary Deep Sea Divers, honored by the South Florida Police Search & Rescue Teams and were selected as the 1996 Photojournalists of the Year by the USCA. They have been elected to membership in the SSI Platinum Pro 5000 group in recognition of making over 5000 SCUBA dives and their work within the industry. Alese & Morton have been presented with the coveted Directors Award from the Hot-Air Balloon Federation of America. They were elected Fellows in the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS) and were honored with the NOGI for Distinguished Service. They received the Divers of the Year award from Beneath the Sea (BTS). Alese is a charter member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame(WDHOF).
Their photos and articles have appeared in national publications such as Life, Time, Newsweek and Forbes Magazine as well as in most SCUBA publications and they have been Contributing Editors/ Photographers for Caribbean Travel & Life, Sport Diver Magazine, SCUBA Diving, Florida Tennis, Italy's Matchpoint, Update South Florida, Treasure Magazine, Western Eastern Treasures, Parenting Magazine, Children's Treasures, Today's Family, Dive Training and websites: Underwater Sports World, Palm Beach Online, CompuServe, Resort Reports and Travel World International. Their hundreds of articles and photos have appeared in an array of publications, books, magazines and advertisements ... among them National Geographic World, Divers' Almanac, Marine Conservation for the 21st Century and Dive to the Coral Reefs, a New England Aquarium Book.. Their photos and articles have been sold to magazines and newspapers throughout the world and have appeared in England, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Japan as well as the United States.